The Importance of Content Marketing

POSTED ON March 3, 2016 @ 4:28 pm

Content Marketing is a phrase many business owners would have come across in regards to improving the ranking of their website. The term ‘content marketing’ is very broadly used in the marketing industry and can describe anything from Facebook posts through to blog articles. To break it down simply, content marketing comes down to the amount of engaging content you have online corresponding to your business.
This is why content marketing is important to your business:

  • Customers finding you: Content marketing can be the difference in new and existing clients finding you online or choosing a competitor. With the use of proper keywords, your chances of being found organically through search engines will increase.
  • Converting visitors to customers: Content marketing is really a ‘soft cell’ of your business through the trade-off of offering free information through blog articles or informative content on your website. The caliber of your content will also play a major role in converting ‘visitors’ to ‘customers’. If you have informative and engaging content, people will continue to visit your business online.
  • Building credibility: If you have content that reflects not only your brand but your knowledge of your industry, people will trust you and be more likely to engage your services.
    Increasing your market: If you have a large online audience, then there is more potential for your brand to be ‘shared’ amongst their networks which could ultimately result in finding more customers.