The team at MYG GROUP are passionate about all things business. Now in its 26th year of steady growth, Australia is fast becoming one of the top preferred economy base to establish a business. Entering into a foreign market can be especially daunting regarding areas such as ensuring legal compliance, hiring trustworthy employees through alternate cost-effective solutions (i.e. graduate internship and on the job training programs) and navigating reliable business networks. All which aid a business owner to establish and grow your business in Australia.
We band together with trusted and experienced industry partners that match your goals and objectives to help these become a working reality.
MYG Group provides professional assistance in the management of these areas on an ongoing basis when you need us. With so many start-ups and information surrounding new business it is understandable that the initial phase can be daunting to an innovative entrepreneur whose main objective is to get their idea out into the market place and enjoy all the benefits and successes that will follow.
Where do you start? Who do you talk to? Who will listen and understand YOU? How do you find a reliable business partner who is with you all the way?
These questions need not be a challenge to work out. Our strategic teams are keen to hear you and understand your business needs. Then we act and ‘Make things happen for you’.  The key is knowing who to speak with and who to trust to support you all the way in good times and tough times.
Our unique tailored and diversified approach helps us maintain long term valuable relationships with our stakeholders who in turn support you to protecting your business and investment interests whilst providing much needed expertise and support. It’s like having your very own highly experienced team that does not cost you a fortune.
Whether you’re new to international business, need to refresh your knowledge, grow your business strategically or need skilled talent to add value we look forward to working