Start-Up Solutions

We encourage start-up companies at the market-ready stages who are looking to enter their product into the Australian and Asia Pacific regions (including China) to work with our company and take advantage of our local and international global network resources

Our solutions are not industry limited; however, we ideally would like to focus on tech innovators and entrepreneurs in the early seed, growth and development phases for the following sectors:

  • Health and Medical tech start ups
  • IOT (internet of things)
  • Education and commercialisation
  • Food Agri tech


Our value proposition

  • Strategically identifying and targeting B2B and B2C customers with industry experienced and flexible outsourcing sales solutions.
  • Provide business development and growth services for sales and marketing with B2C and B2B – creating a customer base and lead generation for initial R&D marketing packages.
  • Assist with securing funding for market-ready start-ups who are scalable, concept-ready and have an existing customer base by arranging pitches to investment and funding platforms which include: private investment, government grants, crowdfunding, public investment etc.
  • Providing access to angel investors, venture capital and other potential sources of investment within Australia and Globally.
  • Organise and set up an Australian-based thriving company – ready to grow globally into Asia and pacific regions by taking advantage of government export assistance and free trade agreements with Australian-based organisations through our continual support services.
  • Support access to reputable professional companies and networks that support your product and business model.
  • Provide ongoing management and marketing solutions.
  • Build your talent team – based permanently in Australia and abroad.

International Start ups

Australian Start ups