Workplace Training

General Information
MYG-Talent is comitted to building better future for our community candidates. With our knowledge of the market and excellent client relationships with organizations across various industries and functions, our team of recruitment consultants can open doors for you.

Interview Skills Training delivers stronger outcomes. MYG- Talent Interview Skills Training ensures candidates have the core competencies to stand out of crowd, with the goal of strengthening personal capability and shape themselves to win their dream jobs.

MYG-Talent specializes in designing and training in best practice techniques for Competency Based Interviewing (sometimes referred to as Behavioral Event Interviewing) because of the advantages this has over traditional interviewing techniques. This strategy targets key criteria such as an individual’s current competencies, motivation, cultural fit and future potential.

This proven method is considered one of the most reliable selection methodologies in the world and ensures:

  • The most suitable position is selected, with right candidates` skills and potential to embrace not only the challenges of today, but also tomorrow.
  • Candidates take away a positive experience, feel valued and have a genuine understanding of the role and expectations upon them.
  • Quality information results from feedback which not only becomes invaluable for selection and career-development purposes, but also helps drive team engagement.


Training Approach
MYG-Talent Interview Skills Training tailors content and materials to ensure they are aligned to your career goals. We then facilitate your Interview Skills Training workshops at a time and location convenient to you, combining theory and methodology with interactive, practical exercises.

Training Delivery Approach

Computer –Based Training Techniques
Computer-based training is the major training method to deliver whole content of the training program and easy to use for both trainer and candidate. Although human interactions will always remain the solid foundation of training, technological solutions are effective in enhancing the training. Computer-based training involves use of CD-ROMs, Text-only (self-paced training in a text-only format), Multimedia training materials that provide audio, video, stimulating graphics, or animations, and Virtual reality, and interactive training program that is highly effective. These training programs are effective and reliable in that the trainees can learn at their own pace. They are also easy to use and cost-effective.

Interactive Training Techniques
Interactive candidates training techniques keep candidates engaged, which makes them more receptive to new information. Demonstrations are powerful training tools as they involve use of tools and equipment to showcase the steps being taught or the main processes being adopted. Other techniques under this category include use of case studies, active summaries, quizzes, Q&A sessions, question cards, participant control, and role playing. These training techniques make training fun and more enjoyable as employees interact freely while still absorbing essential skills necessary for better performance.

Typical Interview Skills Training workshops include:

  • Land the Right Job (Week 1 & Week 2)
    • Job hunting

Helping job seekers like you find and succeed in jobs that are the right match for your skills is what we do. Whether you are new to the employment market or an experienced professional who has applied for a fair share of roles, our job-hunting resources can help you make the right choices and guide you in your job search.

  • The role of career, motivational and cultural fit

Job fit refers to the degree to which the candidate’s skills and experience are relevant to the job and the degree to which the candidate finds the role’s activities and responsibilities satisfying. Organizational fit refers to the candidate’s compatibility with the organization’s values and mode of operation. While organization fit covers a range of organizational attributes the most common and frequently cited element centers on the congruence between individual and organizational values. This is often referred to as culture fit.

  • Resume

The job market today is loaded with competition, and it can be increasingly challenging to get noticed. Your resume and cover letter are your first opportunity to make a good impression with hiring managers.

  • Job Interview

For a successful job interview, knowing the requirements of the position is a start. Candidates must also be familiar with the company and its customers. Even the most prepared candidate should take additional steps to ensure they navigate the job interview process effectively.