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Australian operating employers are constantly faced with the tedious task of sourcing and retaining skilled workers. This task often results in placing valuable time and effort in the recruitment process rather than focusing on growing and running their business. Most employers are becoming agitated with losing valuable Australian employees to the growing international labour markets. Additionally, when an employer does find a suitable international candidate, they then need to deal with legislative requirements in order to employ them. This not only adds to their stress but often results in a lack of patience and letting go of valuable skilled international workforce.At MYG we are able to assist employers streamline the full employee recruitment process. You tell us what you need and we do the rest. We have a database of skilled professionals ready and eager to accept your employment! For employers who are initially hesitant to sponsor an international candidate without a work trial period, this can be arranged. Speak to us about on the job and work place training visas for international student graduates and local student graduates for quality long term employment pathways and how these pathways limit risks committing to a long-term visa sponsorship’s for Australia.


MYG-Talent is comitted to building better future for our community candidates. With our knowledge of the market and excellent client relationships with organizations across various industries and functions, our team of recruitment consultants can open doors for you.

Interview Skills Training delivers stronger outcomes. MYG- Talent Interview Skills Training ensures candidates have the core competencies to stand out of crowd, with the goal of strengthening personal capability and shape themselves to win their dream jobs.

MYG-Talent specializes in designing and training in best practice techniques for Competency Based Interviewing (sometimes referred to as Behavioral Event Interviewing) because of the advantages this has over traditional interviewing techniques. This strategy targets key criteria such as an individual’s current competencies, motivation, cultural fit and future potential.

This proven method is considered one of the most reliable selection methodologies in the world and ensures:

The most suitable position is selected, with right candidates` skills and potential to embrace not only the challenges of today, but also tomorrow.
Candidates take away a positive experience, feel valued and have a genuine understanding of the role and expectations upon them.
Quality information results from feedback which not only becomes invaluable for selection and career-development purposes, but also helps drive team engagement.

Training Approach
MYG-Talent Interview Skills Training tailors content and materials to ensure they are aligned to your career goals. We then facilitate your Interview Skills Training workshops at a time and location convenient to you, combining theory and methodology with interactive, practical exercises.

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on-the-job internship program

With business and industry being disrupted and employers facing new adaption challenges, one of the most stressful challenge is finding suitable employees. With Australia’s rapid increase in population and national economic drivers by government to innovate business and compete internationally the major issue trending with companies is finding skilled employees that can adapt, learn through occupational training and commit long term to their employment. With ever changing immigration legislation and lack of knowledge on which options to choose many employers are deterred by employing skilled international graduates and see talented individuals as a potential hindrance or further causes of unwarranted problems.
MYG GROUP – and its partners have the solutions that fit business and industry needs for both employers and willing skilled participants. One of our successful programs have been tailor made to address employment needs for candidates who have worked hard to gain accredited Australian qualifications and to match them with companies who are willing to train them and upskill them in the industries relative to their skills. Our talent on the job training program has benefits for both companies and employees as it allows both parties to build their working relationship over an initial period up to 12 months. The employee can be engaged to earn whilst they learn from their employer and adapt according to the employer needs.

MYG on the job Talent Solution Services:
On-the-Job training is a highly specialized program made for candidates who are either currently in Australia, or offshore and want to do a paid internship in Australia in different professional fields for 12 months (can be extended) organized by MYG-Group.
By providing this on-the-job training program Australian companies:

  • Can provide paid traineeship work experience in their field/industry as well as get the chance to mentor employees to develop their skills to grow within your company.
  • May employ candidates on a part time or full-time basis
  • Can benefit from higher skill retention rates of staff due to certain employment obligations they need to acquire. This will assist in the long-term commitment with companies and intra company skills transfer abilities.
  • Adopt a long term probational ‘try before full time commitment’ engagement with potential employees and build trust with employees
  • Are presented with opportunities to have less stringent legislative commitments and long-term immigration obligations
  • Can contribute and make a positive difference by providing pathways and graduate study benefits to the Australian economy
  • Will have our full support for the full on boarding process
  • Are not weighed down financially through traditional recruitment processes
  • Can focus their energy on growing their business and leave the talent process with our professional teams

Why spend unnecessary time and resources searching for persons who want to be part of your business? Contact us now and find out what we can do for you!

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