MYG Talent Solutions

Myg Talent Solutions

A division of the MYG Group, MYG Talent is a fast growing Australian brand company that develops new initiatives to support skill shortages within the employment sector. Australia continues to enter new markets in support of the innovation and technology sector across all industries. MYG Talent is progressively taking customer service to new levels through its innovative and entrepreneurial approach to engagement and loyalty with candidates while also addressing the need for support within Australian business communities.

Our internal corporate structure has benefited the development of our Talent Solutions for both employers and candidates alike.

For Employers

Australian operating employers are constantly faced with the tedious task of sourcing and retaining skilled workers. This task often results in placing valuable time and effort in the recruitment process rather than focusing on growing and running their business. Most employers are becoming agitated with losing valuable Australian employees to the growing international labour markets. Additionally, when an employer does find a suitable international candidate, they then need to deal with legislative requirements in order to employ them. This not only adds to their stress but often results in a lack of patience and letting go of valuable skilled international workforce.

At MYG we are able to assist employers streamline the full employee recruitment process. You tell us what you need and we do the rest. We have a database of skilled professionals ready and eager to accept your employment! For employers who are initially hesitant to sponsor an international candidate without a work trial period, this can be arranged. Speak to us about on-hire labour agreement sponsorships to limit risks and to trial candidates before committing to a long-term sponsorship.

Contact us now if you would like further information regarding our successful approach and tailored solutions for your business.

On Hire Labour services for sponsorship

For employees who are looking for sponsorship but hesitant to commit to some employers without a trial period, we are able to assist in securing up to 1 year contracts with employers (with a minimum of 6 months working period). This will allow both the employer and candidate to build and develop their working relationship. At the end of this period, both parties can then make sponsorship commitments.

Want to know more? We work closely with our registered migration agents in Australia to ensure that candidate tailored talent solutions match carefully with sponsorship and employer requirements. Find out more by speaking to an MYG Talent professional today.

For Candidates

The MYG Talent Division places high importance on the needs of overseas recruits and candidates seeking employment in Australia.

Due to the never ending unsuccessful attempts made by international professionals seeking jobs in Australia, MYG Talent, in partnership with registered migration agents and labour hire organisations, has the perfect solution to assist you in meeting your employment and sponsorship goals.

The value

  • No more unproductive job applications.
  • No more random and generic responses for your efforts.
  • No more boring standard resumes and cover letters.
  • No more worry about meeting sponsorship requirements – our partners make you visa-ready for employers.
  • No more worry about the interview processes – MYG Talent will mentor you to allow your confidence to show during your big moment with reputable employers who will recognise your talent.

You will have a dedicated professional working to market your talent and ensure your skill set, personal situation and requirements matches with suitable employers (such as sponsorships and skill matching).

Your skills will be marketed through our talent marketing services. Your skills and what you can do for your industry will be highlighted to those companies who will be lucky to have you! We select companies specific to your industry, not just those who place job advertisements.

Your value will increase through our innovative talent marketing solutions.