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Global change has created opportunities for firms and entrepreneurs to bridge cultural gaps between suppliers and consumers by engaging professionals who are well positioned within their operational locations.From raising capital to fund your new operations or subsidiary to gaining the best talented employees that share your vision, business ownership and success is the ‘all Australian dream’.

Navigating foreign waters can be complex at times especially when choosing trusted business partners to work with. We invite you to choose MYG Group as your local business solutions partner in Australia to hold your hand throughout the set-up process. Our business support model can be tailored to any industry you would like to establish. Once your goals and plans are created our primary key is to guide you to implement these as quickly as possible. We do this by assisting experienced and established overseas business owners to create strategic plans to begin business operations with trusted networks and industry partners tailored to your business needs. If you would like to own and operate your own business as a majority shareholder or have a major management role within your operations with a trusted business solutions partner, please contact us for professional support.


  • Outlining goals and reviewing your business needs analysis forms
  • Conducting market research and matching these with your needs
  • Providing real data and key information to support your goals
  • Conducting market place research to address current and or future competitors
  • Analysing unique value propositions to Australian communities and industry
  • Finalising your business proposal and ‘go to market plan ‘with our strategic business managers
  • Setting up your business in Australia
  • Professional consultations on the correct business structure with accountant and/or commercial lawyer
  • Establishing an Australian company
  • International investors may wish to establish a new Australian company or establish a new Australian subsidiary which also operates as an Australian company when entering the Australian market.
  • Obtaining business premises in Australia based on researched industry data and statistics
  • Introduction to partners specialising in property acquisition for commercial purposes
  • Protecting your Intellectual property and registering valuable trade marks and innovation patents
  • Connect with reputable Australian Investment and Finance affiliates should you require funding for your business
  • Implement your brand and digital marketing plan with our marketing services


MYG Group offers a complete support solution to start or expand your business in Australia. We cover all areas of the business and project development from marketing to legal requirements. MYG Group is passionate in helping skilled talents and entrepreneurs start their own ventures in Australia.

You may require other services which are not highlighted above. Areas we can facilitate through our trusted networks and business partners are:

  • Business and investment visas for Australia
  • Entrepreneur Visas for Australia
  • Legal assistance for commercial and property acquisition
  • Commercial Lawyer and business legal matters
  • Professional Certified practicing accountant
  • Due Diligence and auditing solutions
  • Funding and investment groups to secure funding for your unique business proposition
  • Talent and skilled employees to join your business


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Sales AND marketing

Planning and execution of sales and marketing strategy is important to accelerate your business. The prime objective in sales and marketing is not only about customer satisfaction but also how you showcase your products and services to your target audience.

There are the usual sales and marketing techniques that every business does, like standard operation procedures for business. What else can you do to stand out? This is a key in getting more sales. Standing out is what gets you noticed and if it’s in a good way, more sales will be coming your way.

MYG Group offers a range of sales and marketing packages to kick-start your business in Australia and help you stand out among your competitions:

  • Website Design and Setup
  • Website Hosting and Domain Name Registration
  • Print Media Design (i.e. flyers, business cards, brochures, etc.)
  • Digital Marketing (i.e. SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, etc.)
  • Graphics Design


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Quality Management System

Obtaining ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS) certification will almost certainly enhance your business reputation. The ISO 9001:2015 standard requires the implementation of a documented quality management system to facilitate enhanced performance and efficiency.

ISO 9001 certification is intended for any organisation or business regardless of size, type or product including service. According to the ISO 9001 standard there a number of system requirements which an organisation needs to fulfill in order meet customer, regulatory and statutory requirements. Ensuring customer satisfaction through the quality management system is a key aim of the standard. The ISO 9001 standard also includes elements that require monitoring and measurement of processes and continual improvement.

MYG Group can assist you in:

  • Initial QMS audit (for businesses with no QMS history)
  • Internal audit (for businesses with existing QMS)
  • Design and development of QMS Manual
  • Review and redesign of existing QMS Manual
  • Preparation for ISO 9001 certification
  • Coaching and training on ISO 9001 standard requirements
  • Monitoring of the implemented QMS


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Funding opportunities

Funding through venture capital has been known as one of the most effective way for commercialising technologies and turning research into new products, services and processes. If you have an existing research, innovation or invention that would greatly create a huge impact in the Australian economy, venture capital is the best option for source of funds. Although commercialising innovation is very high risk, venture capital fund managers can assist and support you with information and legal processes.

If your business is at early-stage, have access to capital and to people skilled and experienced in the commercialisation process, then the chances of success are very likely.

According to the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science, the Australian Government has a suite of venture capital programmes such as the:

Early Stage Venture Capital Limited Partnerships – Fund managers planning to raise an early stage venture capital fund of at least $10 million can apply to the Board to register the partnership as an ESVCLP.

Venture Capital Limited Partnerships – Fund managers planning to raise a venture capital fund of at least $10 million can apply to the Board to register the partnership as a VCLP.

If you are seeking venture capital for your business, you can talk to us for funding opportunities.

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