To be viewed as a committed investment partner by all our stakeholders and provide professional and comprehensive services to all our clients and communities in which we operate. Our manufacturing partners will also add value to our service offering, further allowing MYG Group to grow into a high quality, long term growth corporation.


Requel Ogle

Stakeholder Relations Manager

She is characterised as a visionary, tactician and a master strategist, having built her business around the notion that “It is not about the ideas , it is about making the ideas happen”– Scott Belsky

Her responsibilities at MYG Group include strategic planning, operational plan development, developing and maintaining valuable stakeholder relationships and implementing stakeholder engagement strategies.

Requel grasps a firm understanding of the fundamental drivers of business and is highly attuned to the needs of customers, partners and competitors. Over the years Requel has created large networks throughout Australia and abroad and has been facilitating mutually beneficial business relationships based on trust and integrity and joint vision.



David Gross

Finance & Accounts Director

David is an experienced director, dating back from 1998, as he has been responsible for preparing financial statements, maintaining cash controls, preparing the payroll and personnel administration, purchasing, maintaining accounts payable and managing office operations.

With experience as a company director in the construction industry (both residential and commercial), David has brought this experience to Mygration Pty Ltd and is now the Finance and Accounts Director.



Gan Jin

Client relations Manager

Gan’s role at MYG Group is to develop client relation strategies.

In addition to Talent Acquisition, Gan’s role encompasses quality customer service and he is committed to ensuring stakeholders, partners and clients are beyond satisfied in their interactions with MYG Group.


Zoe Dan Zhu

Talent Aquisition Manager

The Talent Acquisition function at MYG-Group is the department dedicated to identifying and managing the optimum sourcing channels for Talent across Australia.

As a talent acquisition manager in the department I am responsible for finding, acquiring, assessing, and hiring candidates to fill roles that are required to meet company goals, and to meet any labour requirement.
I devise strategies and recruitment processes, as well as execution of the sourcing or recruiting campaign. I like to get involved not only in finding and screening candidates, but developing the corporate policy for talent bench-marking, talent assessment, and interviewing policies.