Jobs in demand in Australia for 2017

POSTED ON January 11, 2017 @ 10:24 am

The latest report from top editor Chris Pash at Business Insider explains about Hays releasing their quarterly report showing jobs in high demand for 2017

The skills gap is due to get bigger since the government clampdown on the 457 visa, lots of skilled talent are heading to countries such as America to pursue a better future for themselves.

Employers in Australia are struggling to fill the shortage to keep up with the current demand especially in the areas of technology, the six top jobs in high demand are financial analyst, payrollers, site managers, data analysts, development and operations engineers and sales administrators.

You still need to go that extra mile to secure a skilled position in these areas as the market place is watching, potential employees are starting to see a rise in the annual salary offerings so employers can fill the positions.  “You will need to show previous experience in a related discipline, excellent qualifications or advanced digital or systems skills.”

According to the Hays, other jobs in demand include:

  • Professional practice accountants.
  • Architects.
  • Paraplanners and Financial Planners.  Certified Financial Planners are in short supply.
  • Quantitative Risk Analysts/Modellers, particularly in credit risk:
  • Early Childhood Teachers.
  • IT Integrators/Coordinators.
  • Renewable experience.
  • Civil and Structural Engineers.
  • Residential Building Managers.
  • Case Managers.
  • Senior HR Advisors and HR Business Partners.
  • Senior Claims Consultants and Claims Assessors.
  • Mid to senior level construction and property lawyers.
  • Supply Chain/Inventory Managers.
  • Clinical Research Associates.
  • Production Managers.
  • Change Managers.
  • Residential Property Managers.
  • Store Managers.
  • Policy Officers..
  • Contract Managers.
  • Carpenters.


There is a big focus on cyber security keeping the IT industry busy. New technology such as AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality), robotics and the upcoming trend on voice search will no doubt fuel the shortage in the IT industry further.