How your customers are promoting your business

POSTED ON March 3, 2016 @ 4:26 pm

The concept of ‘marketing’ has changed dramatically over the past decade with a heavy emphasis on digital marketing and online presence replacing what was once seen as traditional marketing.
What has also changed how much influence consumers can have when it comes to marketing your brand. With 24/7 access to social media, a disgruntled customer can vent their frustration not only to their immediate social network but to your company’s social media and other websites.
On the upside, when handled correctly, your customers and online followers can actually enhance your brand exposure and marketing campaigns without even realizing it. In other words, if done properly, your customers can do the work for you! Here’s how:

Engage. Engage. Engage: Engage with your customers by encouraging feedback, responding quickly to emails or posts and keeping the whole experience positive. If you interact with your customers they will more than likely keep coming back and thus expanding your brand to all of our their friends.

Encourage loyalty: Encouraging loyalty is essential in solidifying the future of your business. You want your customers to keep coming back because they feel a connection with your brand but also rewarded. Loyalty can also be encouraged by giving away products or services through campaigns or even through small gestures such as thanking people for taking the time to comment on your website or facebook page so they feel valued.

Get interactive! This applies to both your business and your customers. If you lead the way in becoming more interactive with your brand by using as many different means as possible such as YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc, your customers will follow. Ensure that when you do use different social media platforms that you have a strategy on who is reviewing them and updating them.