English for Academic Purpose

People from overseas who want to work in Australia come across many difficulties such as obtaining a work visa, language barriers or even knowing how to find the right job.

The advantages are that it is easier to find a job while you are in Australia and the better your English is, the easier it is to find work!

MYG-Talent Academic English course is ideally structured for this purpose. It allows you to improve yours English while gaining practical knowledge of how to find a job and relevant information on working in Australia.

The goal of this course is to measurably build on students academic English language skills by engaging them in listening, speaking, reading & writing. Grammar learning activities that are relevant to real world in the professional workplace environment.

Our flexible hours give you the time to work while you study, or look for work and attend job interviews. We can provide job information to help you find seasonal work.

MYG-Talent Interview Skills Training

MYG-Talent Interview Skills Training tailors content and materials to ensure they are aligned to your career goals. We then facilitate your Interview Skills Training workshops at a time and location convenient to you, combining theory and methodology with interactive, practical exercises.

Interview Skills Training delivers stronger outcomes. MYG-Talent Interview Skills Training ensures candidates have the core competencies to stand out from the crowd, with the goal of strengthening personal capability and shaping themselves to win their dream jobs.

MYG-Talent specializes in designing and training in best practice techniques for Competency Based Interviewing (sometimes referred to as Behavioral Event Interviewing) because of the advantages this has over traditional interviewing techniques.